Why touchscreen software is essential in a heavy-duty truck repair setting

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Touch screen software enables your heavy-duty truck repair shop to do business better.

In the age of smartphones and tablets, a touch screen can feel pretty standard—or even unremarkable. But touch screen technology can make a crucial difference to productivity in a repair shop setting.

Touch screens are simply more efficient and convenient. Plus, they can generate better time tracking data, so you can identify opportunities to tighten up productivity.

Here are three reasons why PLUSS prioritizes touch screen technology in our repair shop software.

First, touch screens save endless clicking.

No one wants to click through half a dozen menus and windows just to access a simple feature. This is especially true in a fast-paced environment like a truck repair shop, where every second counts.

If your software functionality causes excess navigation, your entire team wastes time.

Thankfully, most touchscreen interface is designed for fast, efficient access, and with AI capability, it will improve dramatically. For example, functions like clocking in or logging time will become effortless.

Touch screen technology can keep your team moving quickly without the slog of outdated software.

Touch screens are superior in a repair shop environment.

When the technology was still new, touch screens were delicate and wouldn’t work in anything less than pristine environments. But the technology has come a long way. Touch screens can handle far more rugged service conditions—including truck repair service settings.

Touch screens are often better suited to the repair shop environment than computer mice. If your fingertips are a little greasy or you have a part in one hand, a mouse and keyboard are inconvenient.

With a touch screen, you can get what you need with a single touch of the finger—even if your hands are dirty. There is no need to wipe off or find somewhere to put something down every time you use your device. Just tap and go.

Touch screen technology yields better time tracking data—and better profitability.

The true goldmine behind touch screen technology is the airtight time tracking. A touch screen allows for near immediate time tracking, which gives you tighter measurements and more precise data. The result is better clarity on:

  • Which repair shop technicians are most productive and efficient.
  • How long it takes to perform specific jobs or tasks.
  • How much it costs to perform a particular job or task.

Having only a vague knowledge of these numbers will not suffice. The ease and efficiency of touch screen technology can improve the quality of your tracking data. And you need precise, accurate data to identify opportunities for improvement.

As your truck repair shop grows, those small changes can make a meaningful difference in your profitability. You can’t afford to overlook the long-term value of strategic adjustments on a micro-scale.

The benefits of touch screen technology in truck repair shops range from business-critical to merely convenient. Truck shop management relies on efficiency and productivity, both of which are boosted by well-designed touch screen software.

To learn more about touch screen technology, heavy-duty truck repair software, and PLUSS, get in touch with a member of our team.

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