Parts Inventory Management Software

PTM-Vision’s advanced inventory management software system is ideal for companies with parts warehouses or just parts departments. PTM-Vision supports an unlimited number of parts. It also has many advanced features to manage cores, reduce slow moving and dead inventory, bar-coding, and our advanced velocity pricing features that improve profitability.

Inventory Management Features:

  • Search parts by line code, part number, description or application
  • Store and view pictures of inventory
  • View quantities in stock at a glance
  • Open / sold quantities tracking
  • Min and max levels for inventory control and ordering
  • Kit building and interchange building
  • Bin locations
  • Popularity codes
  • Multiple order features
  • Supplier and vendor code fields
  • Unit of measure conversion
  • FIFO / LIFO and average costing
  • Inventory value reports, on-hand reports, reorder reports
  • Seasonal reports
  • Kit usage reports
  • Pricing sheets and inventory count sheets
  • Inventory reconciliation


Keeping track of ALL of your inventory can be challenging at times. Whether the inventory is in a separate building or on trucks, PTM-Vision’s multi-inventory program can show you where it is and help you track it.


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