Upfitting and Refitting

A commercial or work truck upfitter & refitter includes: any type of manufacturer or distributor that makes alterations to a complete or an incomplete vehicle sourced from any number of original equipment manufacturers or OEM’s.

The PTM-Vision Production Module is ideally suited for upfitters and refitters. There are many specialized features to provide accurate material and labor costing when upfitting or refitting a vehicle. From the time the base vehicle, or one to be refitted, lands on your lot to the time it is sold, PTM-Vision tracks every piece of material and every labor operation in creating the final product.

Production Module Advanced Features

  • Ability to create unlimited sub-assemblies or “kits” with parts and labor operations
  • Each sub-assembly is split out to separate in-house orders where all parts and labor are tracked by individual ‘kit’ to the original work order for costing purposes
  • All dimensional materials such as metal sheeting, rolls or tubing are tracked by measure
  • Body Serial Number tracking for after sale tracking of warranty or repairs
  • Any pictures and supporting documents can be attached to the order
  • ‘Quick-view’ of status on any vehicle in the shop and where it is in the upfitting/refitting process
  • Vehicle Sales Module that tracks all in-house labor and material, as well as all sublet work
  • Material demand planning
  • Assemblies, subassemblies, kits and sub-kits
  • Explode material demand
  • Labor demand planning and tracking
  • Identify labor demand by function
  • Identify machine time requirements
  • Track actual time used in manufacturing operation

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