Roy Parks, Benning Auto Parts


I just want to call and tell you that this is the slickest damn system I’ve ever seen.
It is amazing what this thing will do.
And I’m not one that’s impressed easily, you know that from my personality.
You guys have hit a homerun with this thing.
Friday was a little unsure of some things, but after I went through it Friday evening, I had written down a few questions, and he addressed everyone of them. It’s saving the cards like it’s supposed, it’s doing over the phone like it is supposed to. Doing everything just like it’s supposed to. And it’s pretty dad-gum fast. In fact, it’s one of the fasting things we have. Pleasant thing we are finding out, you know it gives us the option to save the card on file, and we ask the customer when they’re in front of us, we’ll just ask them if they want us to save the card on file for them, and about 75% of them say yes.
This thing is off the chain.
This card processing is a HUGE timesaver for us. I didn’t realize how much of a timesaver it is, but I am realizing it as we get through the day today.
It is hard to picture without using it, but once you start using it and you see all the information that it does and stores for you.
When Andy said this thing is a good system and you outta use it.
He said it was a great system, and I’ll have to back him up, it is a great system.

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