Small Truck Repair Business

PTM-Vision is the affordable safe choice for a small truck repair business. We can start you with a basic system at an industry leading price to add and grow as your business needs expand. Pluss has highly experienced trainers and technicians that will take you through the nuances of the software and industry practices. Pluss’s team of professionals are deeply experienced in the heavy duty industry and will understand your needs as a business owner and how best to address them through our software and support.

Many small truck repair business owners come to this site and are evaluating software for the first time. We love to help small business evaluate software. Here are a few tips about your decision.

  1. Can you start small and grow with the software you are purchasing? or is it one size fits all?
    • Avoid the mistake of buying limited software you throw out in a year or two.  You will waste your valuable time.
  2. How long has your software vendor been in business?
    • This will be a measure of whether they will there in coming years and whether they have the necessary industry experience to understand your business needs.
    • Can it help you be more productive and efficient?
      • Does it support productivity tools like barcoding?
      • Can it measure the true time techs spend on jobs?
      • Does it simplify the accounting? Automatically posting all transactions?
      • Are integrations seamless and bi-directional?
      • Does it integrate directly with leading industry labor guide for quick look up?
    • Can I quickly assess how profitable an invoice is before billing?
    • Does it have a good inventory management system?
      • Can it import OEM price files?
      • Does it track cores?
  3. Is their website extensive, showing the depth of the software?  If not, this may be a sign that what you see is what you get.

These are just a few basic things you might want to ask any Truck Shop Software provider.

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