Text & Email Service Notifications



  • Send customers text and email maintenance notifications, reminding them of upcoming services, due services, and past due services.
  • Send customers job status and work completed notifications via text messaging / email.
  • Manage who receives communications per customer and per unit.
  • Direct users to the customer service portal for easy access to documents, payment, and scheduling of services and appointments.
  • Fully integrated with PTM-Vision Preventive Maintenance & Job Status management systems.


Drive repeat business, lower your costs, and provide value to your customers with the following capabilities:

  • Notifications remind customers and help to drive repeat business.
    • Reminders for DOT and other routine inspections
    • Reminders for recurring services (oil / lube / filter)
    • Reminders for future scheduled regular services
  • Automate communications with customers to lower costs and keep them engaged
  • Alert customers know when services are complete without needing to pick up the phone
  • Provide more value to customers by putting more important information in their hands.
  • Direct customers to your customer self-service site to schedule services and pay bills online

This feature is fully integrated with our Preventative Maintenance mangement system.

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