Pluss Portal

A Fully integrated customer self-service solution for your shop

Our customer self-service portal is a secure site fully integrated with PTM-Vision and can help improve your customer satisfaction by making your business available online 24/7.   Your customers will easily be able to view and print electronic statements and invoices, make payments on account, and access their service history anytime.

Key Features for your customers

  • 24/7 account access
  • Make payments online
  • View service history
  • View, print, and download statements, invoices, and other electronic documents

Why customer self-service?

In the heavy-duty aftermarket industry, successful businesses are always looking to find ways to improve their workflow, maintain a competitive edge, and stay connected to their customers. They find ways to save time and lower expenses, all while keeping quality and improving the customer’s experience top of mind. One way that businesses can accomplish these goals is by providing their customers with self-service tools.

Benefits of our customer self-service portal:

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    • Fast & Easy access to important information
    • Ability to view invoices and electronic documents
    • Make payments online
    • Secure contactless payments
  • 24/7 service

    • The online portal is always available for your customers
  • Save time and reduce expenses

    • Automate customer payments
    • Increase productivity


Product Screenshots

View and pay invoices online

View invoices and pay on their account online

View work history

View work history

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