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The Mobile Service application by Pluss Software LLC is an Android application designed for mobile trucks and mobile technicians who perform service in the field, specifically within the heavy-duty truck aftermarket industry. It is intended for users who want to track and perform work on a mobile device outside of PTM Vision.

Pluss Mobile Service APP

Mobile service for heavy duty truck repair

The application helps these users by improving their workflow in the field by allowing them to perform and track their work using their mobile devices. It streamlines their workflow by providing functionalities such as creating dispatch tickets, gathering work-related information and location details, tracking travel time, and managing work orders. Technicians can also select or enter work performed, add parts used, track time spent on tasks, and obtain customer sign-off on work to be performed and completed. The Mobile Service application also includes additional time saving features, such as a fully integrated VIN decoder. 

Additionally, the app synchronizes data with the business's copy of PTM Vision, facilitating seamless data updates and order preparation for billing.

Mobile Service Features:

  • Simple Dispatch Tickets
  • Workorder Management
  • Track Travel Time to Customer Location
  • Obtain work authorization & sign-off with signature
  • Search, add, and update labor & parts information
  • Data synchronization with PTM Vision.
  • Integrated VIN decoder.
  • Track tech time on workorders.

Who is it for?

  • Mobile trucks and mobile technicians performing service in the field
  • Users who want to track and perform work on a mobile device outside of PTM Vision

Why use the mobile service application?

The Mobile Service application helps users transition to a digital workflow, enabling them to efficiently manage work orders, track time, add parts, and obtain customer sign-off using their mobile devices. Leading to:

  • Better organization.
  • Streamlined operations.
  • Improved overall productivity.


How does it work?

Manage dispatch, work orders, time tracking, and moroe

The app allows users to easily create a dispatch ticket, gather work-related information, track travel time, manage work orders, and synchronize data with the business's copy of PTM Vision. This seamless integration enables additional data to be added by the business system and its users, as well as order updates in preparation for billing.

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