Aurora Parts & Accessories

Purchase Order integration Provides ability to electronically send a purchase order out of PTM-Vision via EDI directly to Aurora eliminating double entry

Aurora GBOM integration Using PTM-Vision’s unit information, you can go directly to the correct trailer within GBOM, and with a single click, add parts directly to work orders, estimates, and invoices in PTM-Vision.  Vision will navigate to the GBOM site and provide authentication of unit/serial number details to allow GBOM to automatically begin accessing the correct data.  After dropping the part from GBOM to Vision, in just a few clicks you can easily add parts to your inventory in PTM-Vision without all the data entry.

FleetPerform Pricing PTM-Vision can automatically retrieve up-to-the minute fleet pricing from Aurora’s FleetPerform web services along with customer authentication, fleet account and part number for price lookup.

Parts Availability PTM-Vision will show, when looking up parts, how many each Aurora distributor location has in stock, and how many are in the pipeline to be delivered. This will help dealers determine which distribution location to order from.


“We have been testing the integration between PTM Vision and MyAuroraPlus. The first integration has saved us about 30 man hours. With the newer integrations, we expect to double these savings, allowing us to become more productive and better serve our customers,” said Bill Totty, Vice President of Parts and Service, Trailer Sales & Service, Inc.

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