Implementing New Software in Your Heavy-Duty Truck Shop

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Starting on a new software program for your heavy duty truck shop and getting the employees to buy-in to new processes are some of the biggest hurdles that any business will encounter. However, we’ve found the following tips can help ease the pressure: start by creating new habits in the shop, communicate openly, and add a positive belief this software change will add value.

Creating New Habits Each Day

Software, especially business solutions used across the company, can’t be implemented all at once. Start by looking at how this change will impact everyone. Next, realize this will be an adjustment, so break this habit out into sections. Let the team know today we will just add this one small change to their day. Have them repeat this small change daily until it becomes second nature and the new pattern has been created. Follow through with the rest of the process, getting the employees comfortable and ready to use the software across the company.

Communication is Key

Any change in the shop should be communicated company-wide. People want to understand why this change is necessary. Take the time to show each team how this will add time to their day. As conversations unfold you may uncover some resistance to any part of your plan. It’s important to listen to their concerns. You may find their fears are rooted in learning new technology, or thinking they are just too old to learn any new tricks. Whatever you uncover, remember to keep communicating with everyone and adapt when needed in order to reinforce the value of this new solution.

Believe Change is Worth it

Change is always going to be challenging, but if you can confront it by leading with an optimistic approach, you’ll be able to gain more buy-in from your team on implementing something new. If you believe any form of software change may be rejected and techs could just walk off the job, it shouldn’t be a surprise when it doesn’t work out. The right software should be working for you, not adding to your daily grind. When you find the right fit, give the positive angle a try. It may not happen overnight, but the positive shift will eventually take hold. 

At the end of the day, the needs of your heavy duty truck shop should be the priority. All big changes that involve multiple facets of the business will take time to both undertake and implement across the company. Creating new habits, stepping up your communication channels throughout your shop and remaining optimistic will help ease the transition of switching software in your shop.

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