How barcode software will improve your heavy-duty truck repair shop operation

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Barcode software and handheld scanners could be the missing link to improving your heavy-duty truck repair shop operation.

Barcodes are potent tools with very humble—and sweet—beginnings. The first barcode purchase was a ten-pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum back in 1974. But that purchase was the first step of a massive business evolution—each day, about 500 billion barcodes are now scanned globally. 

(And that first pack of gum is now on display at the Smithsonian)

Barcodes are incredibly valuable for inventory management and purchasing. That’s why big retailers were among the first adopters of barcode technology. But this revolutionary system has incredible potential beyond just storing, selling, and buying products.

Barcodes can make a significant difference in nearly every function of your heavy-duty truck repair shop. For example, a shop manager can use the technology to speed up workflows, improve margins, and keep equipment in good repair.

Here’s why barcodes are essential to your business strategy:

Barcodes increase efficiency at your heavy-duty truck repair shop by letting you move faster.

Whether you’re doing intake or an inventory audit, manually processing every item can be highly time-consuming. Stopping to read and type up a long string of numbers is tedious, slowing you down. Plus, the odds of a typo or a missed item are much more likely when you’re doing everything by hand.

Barcode software will dramatically speed up virtually any process associated with inventory management and shop productivity. For example, you can use a smartphone or a tablet to quickly scan each item and let the software do the rest. 

Your software can generate reports and sync your inventory, so you never have to count by hand.

And the applications are nearly endless. You can use a barcode scanner to process receiving slips, assist with cycle counting, and more. Barcodes can speed up many different workflows in your heavy-duty truck repair shop so that you can boost efficiency and profit margins.

Dramatically improve inventory management at your truck repair shop with barcodes.

Inventory management is critical for a heavy-duty truck repair business. First, you need to know what you have in stock and what you need to order. Without that knowledge at your fingertips, you experience significant delays. 

But inventory management can be even more challenging without the right tools.

Barcode software can improve cycle counting, periodic inventory auditing, and more. You can use barcode data to uncover patterns in supply usage, buying, and more.

You can also use barcodes to mark specific storage shelves and areas to find what you need faster. No more wandering around the room trying to remember where you stored something. Every second counts in a diesel repair shop, and a good barcode system will help you streamline every process.

Extend the service life of shop equipment with barcode software technology.

Your business’s primary purpose is to keep heavy-duty trucks in good repair. But it’s also essential to take good care of your shop equipment and tools. As you know, preventive maintenance is one of the most powerful strategies for extending the service life of any piece of equipment.

You can use barcodes to track when your equipment due for service. That way, you’re much less likely to forget a routine inspection that might increase the risk of breakdown. 

Barcodes make it easier for you and your team to keep the shop running smoothly.

Create a system that works for your repair shop with custom barcodes.

In many cases, standardized universal product codes (UPCs) will serve you just fine. In fact, UPCs are fantastic for working with resellers and front-end retail. But sometimes, you might find yourself needing a custom barcode.

You can create barcodes for various purposes to customize operations at your truck repair shop. For example, you can barcode shelves and boxes, receive slips, etc. There are endless creative possibilities for improving workflow with custom barcodes.

Creating custom barcodes doesn’t have to be onerous. You can create one directly in your software program, so it links to your inventory and other modules. And you can use an office printer and adhesive labels from any office supply store. The right software will make it easy to create custom barcodes that work for your unique business.

Pluss is proud to offer industry-leading barcoding and inventory management software. Our barcode module can be purchased individually or packaged with other modules to fit the unique needs of your business. 

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