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Starting in 2022, Pluss will continue offering the same training and support but there will no longer be a cost associated with those needs. 

Training is key in getting the full value of any new tool you are implementing. We require training for every module we sell, but we also understand that the cost of training can be overwhelming.  Providing you with the best chance of success is our ultimate goal. To accomplish this, we took a hard look at our costs and determined the benefits of free training and support outweigh the cost to us.  We put a lot of one-on-one work into getting our customers using our product successfully, but that training isn’t solely for the benefit of your team. It is also for our team in that it enables us to provide you with the best support possible. Live training gives us the ability to teach you the pieces of the software in a way that best integrates into your existing processes and workflows. It’s something that is invaluable for your success and for ours too, but we see people who are hesitant to use more of our software or take additional training because of the financial aspect. Starting in 2022, our world-class live training and support will be available to everyone at no additional cost.

You will no longer be billed for training and/or support starting February 1st, 2022. Any existing pre-paid balances on account will be applied as a credit to your PTM-Vision monthly invoice in February.  

There will continue to be a cost associated with certain services but you will have some new options around how you’d like to see it billed. You may continue to pay for these services as needed throughout the year. We are also offering a new option to split these services into discounted monthly payments throughout the year. Moving to recurring payments has more benefits than just savings:

  • Customers on recurring payments will take priority when it comes to scheduling
  • Services that are performed monthly will be proactively scheduled out by Pluss
  • Even distribution of costs spread out over the entire year

Your Customer Success Manager will be reaching out to you in the coming weeks to review the services you’ve utilized previously and see if it’s cost-effective to explore monthly recurring service options for 2022. If you have any questions that you’d like to discuss immediately about billing or service charges, please don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager directly at 800-835-9609 or via email.

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Kristina Courtright –

If you have any training or support needs that you’d like to schedule in light of the billing changes, please submit a ticket within the HappyFox portal or call our Operations team directly at 877-428-7472. 

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